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A Fitzjohn Mystery - Book 9



The Ashgrove Bridge Club did not expect their newly elected president, Leonard Delaney, to be murdered on the day of his successful election, or did they? Could it have been a conspiracy to get rid of Leonard? After all, he was a man of insufferable superiority, his victory being achieved primarily through fear of reprisals in the event he failed to win.


Meanwhile, recently retired DCI Alistair Fitzjohn, returns to Sydney after working on a case as a police consultant. He is looking forward to some quiet time tending his orchids and an evening with the new woman in his life, Peta Ashby. Little did he know, however, what he would face on his return to Birchgrove cottage.


In the midst of the turmoil, he is asked to head the investigation into the Ashgrove Bridge Club murder. It is not long, however, before Fitzjohn finds Leonard Delaney’s murder is not as straightforward as first thought.


As the case develops Fitzjohn’s detective skills are tested as is his ability to deal with a ghost from the past who is out for revenge.




In the genre of cozy murder mysteries, the Fitzjohn series features Detective Chief Inspector Alistair Fitzjohn. A police officer of the old guard, his methodical, painstaking methods are viewed by some as archaic. Nevertheless, over the years, they have brought him success as well as the respect of all but one of his colleagues; Chief Superintendent Grieg, the man Fitzjohn regards as his nemisis.

Fitzjohn lives alone in his Birchgrove sandstone cottage where he escapes the harrowing realities of his job by tending his orchids, a legacy from his late wife, Edith. But he can't escape his sister, Meg, who is determined to help him through his grief  nor his neighbour, Rhonda Butler, whose main objective in life is to rid him of his greenhouse.

His sergeant, Martin Betts, is an eager young detective even though having difficulty when it comes to viewing the unfortunate victims of crime, and occasionally finding himself a pawn in Chief Superintendent Grieg's war against Fitzjohn.

The setting for the series is the city of Sydney and its envions taking in the historic Rocks area, Sydney University, Rushcutters Bay, the Northern Beaches, and the Blue Mountains to name but a few.

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